Wedding Wonders With No Wonga

So we are getting married and we are having a handmade wedding!


And I have a feature in Creative Crafting about our wedding.

Wedding Wonders With No Wonga! Part One is on page 14 and page 15 of the magazine so please please pop on over and have a read.

You can also pop on over and read the article on the Creative Crafting Blog as well.



New and Exciting Plans!

So we have had some exciting news in the past few weeks, we went to the Isle of Wight and I got a little surprise.

When Mr L wrote this in the sand.

What is a girl supposed to do…

Say yes and get planning that is what!

We decided very early on that we would have a handmade wedding, for numerous reasons, that is what I do so it would seem stupid not to include it in the wedding. We are not people who conform to everything that everyone else does, and don’t always go with the tradition. So it is better that we do it ourselves so that we have it just as we like. But the other reason is that if we can cut costs down from making things ourselves it is much better for us all!  Continue reading