CRAFTfest June 2012

I am not here, I am manically running through cyber space promoting here, there and everywhere.

My head is literally spinning in cyber space at 360 degrees, and I wont be stopping for the next few days.

It is that time again and CRAFTfest is happening.

Why not pop on over and have a nose at CRAFTfest it is running from now until the 16th of June, don’t miss out as this event is huge over 30,000 visits in the first two days and the sales are roaring in.

Or pop on over and look at the Scrapbookerry stalls, yes that is right the main stall, and the baby stall!

Hope to see you there!


Where Am I?

This is mainly my view at the moment, whatever day of the week or whatever time of the day I am generally here. Sat in my craft room working away.

I am mega mega busy and I AM NOT complaining, I am loving it, but it has meant a few other things, such as the blogs have had to take a back seat.

On the 9th of June CRAFTfest starts yet again, and this time I am raring to go. I have had a few items that have been out of stock for a while but this CRAFTfest is going to be different, this is the one that my stall will be full. I am making a huge amount of stuff and am loving every minute of it. It really is so much fun sitting up in my room working away hard late into the night.

If I am not preparing for CRAFTfest then I am researching a great new product, that I really can not wait to get started on. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long long time, and has been a long time coming. There are a few more things that need to be tweaked but watch this space as it is coming very very soon!

And if that is not enough then the best bit is that I have had my first sale on WOW THANK YOU this week and have three Custom Orders sitting and waiting to be made! This week has literally blown me away with the interest in Scrapbookerry and I am so happy to be busy and the business doing well.

So I shall be back soon, as I am understandably a little bit manic at the moment!

Only A Few Days Left For CRAFTfest Registration

There are only a few days left to register for the June CRAFTfest, the virtual craft extravaganza, registration finishes on the 25th May 2012. Which is this Friday.

If you have a craft business that fits into any of these categories;














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Creative Connections CRAFTfest

So it is that time of the year again, the Creative Connections CRAFTfest is happening again in June. This time CRAFTfest is running from the 9th June until the 16th June, all day every day for a whole week.

So if you sell crafts why not pop on over and sign up, registration ends the 25th May so you still have time go to to register. Registration if £5.00 and joining the Creative Connections website at is completely free.

If you love crafts, then come along for the event to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home, and your own sofa!

Creative Connections Spring CRAFTfest

This week has seen the Creative Connections Spring CRAFTfest being held, and so far it has been a fantastic event.

This CRAFTfest has been different to the others run so far, as this one has been extended to run for a whole week rather than just a weekend, so even though it has been running all week you still haven’t missed out. This CRAFTfest does not finish until midnight on the 18th March, which is Sunday (Mother’s Day) so you still have time to pop on over and see all the great things that are for sale. You still have time to pop on over and order some great unique, handmade items.

Lets get everyone supporting handmade this week!  Continue reading

An Update

So I am still here, it may seem like I have disappeared but I really haven’t I have just been mega mega busy.

Sorry there was no Thursday Treats this week, but I have been really poorly with a stinker of a cold and haven’t had the energy or the time to blog this week to be honest.

Next week will be much better I am sure, however for now if you want to find me I am over at CRAFTfest, the massive online craft fair full of handmade goodies.  Continue reading