“No 1 Dad” Card

This card was made for my Father in law for his birthday in June.

All made with some stickers, a ‘Happy Birthday’ stamp, some ribbon and some letters covered in black ink and embossed.

Probably one of the easiest cards I have ever made!


17th Birthday Card

Last week we had a lot of birthdays in our family, and one was my BIL’s 17th Birthday.

I always find masculine cards difficult to make, so I do dread them when I have to make them. But for some reason on this particular day I was a little inspired.

I loved making this card, it was simple and easy to make and it was a complete and utter success.

Father’s Day Cards

This years father’s day was all handmade in our house. From the cards to a present made by Baba and a present made by me. So we were very busy next month.

This card was a first for me as I decided to use my watercolour pencils, which I admit I am not that fantastic with, to colour in the stamp and to be honest for my first ever attempt I think that I didn’t do that bad a job and Mr L loved it saying the card was just like Baba and our dog!

So a success all around.

Its That Time Of The Year

As any crafter will know it is that time of the year when you suddenly realise all these great things you planned to make for Christmas actually need to be started otherwise you are going to be awake till 4am Christmas Eve finishing them off.

It’s the time of the year when you look at all the stuff you brought for Christmas cards and suddenly think I need to make all of them in one week.

Yes it’s the time of year when you start to panic a little. So excuse me while I run around like a headless chicken for a couple of days. I will be back I just need to get started on said Christmas cards and said presents then I will feel much better.

What are you all planning to make this Christmas?