“No 1 Dad” Card

This card was made for my Father in law for his birthday in June.

All made with some stickers, a ‘Happy Birthday’ stamp, some ribbon and some letters covered in black ink and embossed.

Probably one of the easiest cards I have ever made!


Happy Birthday Uncle

A really simple masculine card for a 17-year-old Uncle who is mad about football.

The football sticker was coloured in red as it was for a die-hard Liverpool fan and the red was just perfect!

Hope that you like it, I have another card for you tomorrow!

Grandad’s Birthday Card

Some more masculine cards today.

It was my FIL’s birthday not long ago and as well as making our own card I also had to make a Grandad birthday card. I wanted this one to be a little bit of fun as it was from Baba.

I really wanted to something on the card that Baba loved so it was personal from him to his Grandad. I decided on a dinosaur as Baba loves them and his Grandad does encourage his love for dinosaurs so it was the perfect card.  Continue reading

17th Birthday Card

Last week we had a lot of birthdays in our family, and one was my BIL’s 17th Birthday.

I always find masculine cards difficult to make, so I do dread them when I have to make them. But for some reason on this particular day I was a little inspired.

I loved making this card, it was simple and easy to make and it was a complete and utter success.

Father’s Day Cards

This years father’s day was all handmade in our house. From the cards to a present made by Baba and a present made by me. So we were very busy next month.

This card was a first for me as I decided to use my watercolour pencils, which I admit I am not that fantastic with, to colour in the stamp and to be honest for my first ever attempt I think that I didn’t do that bad a job and Mr L loved it saying the card was just like Baba and our dog!

So a success all around.