The Weeks Plans

I have a few plans this week and they mainly involve work and Scrapbookerry. It has taken a long time to get back to the point of working, and back to the point of being excited about working. But after just a couple of days I am literally raring to go.

This is mainly after a very exciting conversation last night on Twitter, that has led to an ultimate new project for Scrapbookerry. It is a project that I have been thinking about for a long time, but one that I have to admit has been put off and off. If I am totally honest it is the reason I started Scrapbookerry in the first place so I am 100% excited to launch this area of the business. It is going to take a lot of work, a lot of planning and a lot of working with others to get the process, and the project just right. But I am so excited to be finally on this journey and I can not wait to be able to tell you more and more about it. So please keep your eyes peeled. 

I am also extremely excited to be working on the website the feedback for the changes has been fantastic and I am really pleased myself with the changes. I am still working  hard on the product pages, and it will be a few days before the website is completely finished. But I am getting there, the blog is finished and the website is nearly finished. The fog that was stopping me from working has finally been lifted and I love that I am happy with my online presence now. I can not wait to completely finish the website now and hear everyone’s feedback once it is all finished.

As well as all the above plans, my biggest plan this week is to finally sort out my Wow Thank You shop. I have had my shop for a few months now, but haven’t really had a chance to complete the upload of all my products, and haven’t done any promoting at all. This has been on my list for a while, and I am really excited to get the shop up and running properly, and promoting it every where. Mainly because I think that it is good for the business to have two places for customers to see my work, and to buy from me. But also because it is a great time to get everything sorted on Wow Thank You, which I am also very excited about. I will also keep you posted on that but look out for the hashtag #wowthankyou on twitter to keep the most up to date.

So all in all a very busy week for me and I can not wait. I said the other day that I hated the not working on the business and not crafting, but flipping that over this seems to have been a really positive thing for Scrapbookerry. I have come back raring to go and full of ideas, and that can never be a bad thing!

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