Creative Connections Spring CRAFTfest

This week has seen the Creative Connections Spring CRAFTfest being held, and so far it has been a fantastic event.

This CRAFTfest has been different to the others run so far, as this one has been extended to run for a whole week rather than just a weekend, so even though it has been running all week you still haven’t missed out. This CRAFTfest does not finish until midnight on the 18th March, which is Sunday (Mother’s Day) so you still have time to pop on over and see all the great things that are for sale. You still have time to pop on over and order some great unique, handmade items.

Lets get everyone supporting handmade this week! 

CRAFTfest has a bit of everything in there, and over 140 stalls of handmade designers, including Scrapbookerry. The designers are over a numerous amount of categories, including;




Baby and Child,

Bath and Beauty,








The best things all these stalls, are literally in your living room. There is no queuing, no going out in the cold, having to catch public transport or find a parking space. You can sit down on your sofa, with a cup of tea/coffee/wine and have a browse at your own leisure finding exactly what you want. You can also browse at any time of the day and night, as CRAFTfest doesn’t close until it is finished, so even if you want a look at 2am Sunday morning that is fine. It is still open, so why not take full advantage and have a massive look over the weekend to find those special items, for that special person, or just for yourself!

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