Well Hello


It has been a while, I will be honest, there has been lots of things that have been happening here which have unfortunately prevented me from doing anything related to Scrapbookerry. Things that have actually prevented me from scrapbooking full stop if I am honest. 

It has been a complete drag and I have hated it, but unfortunately I had to take the advice of everyone around me. I couldn’t after all move after hurting my coccyx at the beginning of the year, and then when I was finally recovered from that I went down with this virus and I really had to give up lots of things then.

I was really poorly and had to give in, I had to take early maternity from Creative Connections, and had to stop everything for a while, after all I wasn’t just taking care of myself I had the new baby to think about as well. So everything took a back seat.

However after a week off complete and utter rest, and seeing the best doctor in the world who finally diagnosed me with something rather than putting it down to a virus, and telling me in no uncertain terms to stop, and the fantastic other half I have who has done everything recently. I am finally feeling back to normal and it is great.

So I thought that I would start with changing a few things around, and firstly starting with the blog. I hope that you notice that a few things have changed. I wanted a softer more arty look from the blog, and I think that I have achieved it. So please let me know what you think and I hope to be back very soon with some actual crafting as well.

Happy Crafting 

Kerry xx 

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