Christmas is Coming!

Oh yes it is on its way and I am manically busy. I haven’t been 100% but I haven’t stopped either, this week alone I have made three custom ordered items, and the lists are getting longer and longer.

This week it has all been about the Five Paged Mini Albums. I have made a purple, and grey flowered album.

I have made a mint green, brown and gold album.

I have also made a turquoise, brown and gold album.

So this week I have been working hard, tomorrow all these albums are off in the post and getting filled with pictures for presents to other people. I hope everyone enjoys them and likes them as much as I liked making them, as I love the colour combinations.

So for now I am pleased, my list for Christmas makes has not even been dented, I have many more items to make but will be updating you with all of them soon, as for now I have run out of glue and need to go on a hunt tomorrow for some new stuff.

Happy Crafting! 

Kerry x


P.S. Thursday Treats, will be back after Christmas between now and then I am far to busy so look out for the updates in the new year. When we can really get the linky moving as we will have all our Christmas pictures to scrap! 

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