Its That Time Of The Year

As any crafter will know it is that time of the year when you suddenly realise all these great things you planned to make for Christmas actually need to be started otherwise you are going to be awake till 4am Christmas Eve finishing them off.

It’s the time of the year when you look at all the stuff you brought for Christmas cards and suddenly think I need to make all of them in one week.

Yes it’s the time of year when you start to panic a little. So excuse me while I run around like a headless chicken for a couple of days. I will be back I just need to get started on said Christmas cards and said presents then I will feel much better.

What are you all planning to make this Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Its That Time Of The Year

  1. So true! With gifts to make, CRAFTfest and craft events…time seems to be slipping away- if only I were crafting for a living I might get it all done, but evenings and weekends will have to suffice!

  2. I’m making my own christmas cards, which I’m starting next Friday. I’ve got all the bits and bobs I need just need get started.

    I’ve also got to start x30 personalised gift tags for our best friends and start making my own wrapping paper using brown paper, christmas stamps and curling ribbon.

    This evening I’ve decopatched some votive holders, x2 for gifts and x2 for me lol

    Apart from that, I’ve done most of my christmas shopping 🙂

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