Thank You Cards

So the invites have been made, the house is getting organised, the dinosaur decorations have been ordered. The dinosaur food is being created and the party bags are being filled. Everything is getting ready for Baba’s Big Scary Dinosaur Party on Saturday as he so affectionately calls it!

So in the middle of the organising I thought rather than fill the party bags with rubbish I would add a couple of different things. One being some thank you cards.

I always have good intentions with Thank You Cards but it never really happens, I start making them and then I get distracted and they never get sent. This year they are going to be put in the party bags, so they are taken on the day.

I decided to make them using the same digital kit I made the invites on, so that they all look similar.

Aren’t they great, and again they literally made a couple of minutes to make. I am going to print them off and stick them onto to some cards, so Baba can put a little scribble in and I can write a thank you.

I am seriously loving this digital kit and there will be more about the software very soon.

Happy Crafting! 

Kerry x

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