So I have been working really hard at the moment, with behind the scene stuff and creating new things for you all on the site.
But I have also been so busy scrapbooking, my actual own pages. This is a rarity at the moment. I haven’t actually done any of my pages for ages and I forget how much I loved doing my own pages.

This one I particular love, I wrote a little tale about Baba on the blog the other day and have seen people using their blog posts for the journaling on their pages and thought that this was a fantastic idea.

I started the blog to write about Baba and his little tales, milestones and funny moments, so to back these stories up with pictures is fantastic!

The page was really simple to do and I used some pattern black and white paper. I printed off the blog post onto stripy paper. I then edited a very cool picture of Baba and printed it at home as an A5 picture.


 I then used some red Thickers for the title and made a date tag out of some of the same lined paper with some red stickers.


 I love this page it is such a simple page to do and I am kicking myself that I have not made pages like this before.
What the Journaling says:
Singing and Farting

This morning was a typical morning in our house. We had a restful night no terrors and no screaming throughout the night.

Mr L left for work at the ungodly hour that he leaves, I am still fast asleep when he leaves I am never totally sure what that time is its around 5.30 I think! But needless to say for once Baba didn’t wake at the same time, and we both slept until my alarm went off at 7.45. I heard the alarm and rolled over expecting to see Baba who was still asleep.

I rejoiced in the silence, and just laid still not wanting him to wake him if he was still sleeping. That silence is golden in our house when there is an opportunity for it, you don’t let it go unnoticed as it is such a rarity. And then…

“I’ve farted Mummy”

Is being shouted across the house. Nice what a lovely way to wake up to the world. I decide to not respond, big mistake.

“I’ve farted Mummy” even louder this time. So I need to respond otherwise this will get louder and louder, “oh OK”

That seems to be what he needs, I hear the thudding of little feet, (whoever said children pitter patter lied they thud) and in walks Baba. He gets on the bed and starts to sing…

“The wheels on the white bus go round and round, my winky on the bus goes round and round…”

Give me strength

So what have you made recently? I would love to see do you use blog posts in your scrapbook pages?

Happy Crafting!
Kerry x


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